Apr 8, 2009

2009 F1 Malaysia Grand Prix

The Malaysian F1 race was held on 5 April 2009 at Sepang International Circuit. I went there with my friend to experience myself this exhilarating F1 race. I reached the circuit around 12.30 pm, the weather was so hot.
The racing teams made their last preparation before the racing.
Some of the F1 fans from around the world.
Before the main event (F1 Race), there was Asian GP race. While the Asian GP race in progress, the rain started to fall heavily.
Then, the rain stopped. The sky slowly start to clear again.
Before the F1 race, the drivers took a ride on open roof bus around the track.
Then, the race started..
The sound of the F1 cars engine is so loud, it can damage your hearing. Luckily, I bought the ear plug just before entering the circuit. Using the ear plug, the loud sound can be decreased a bit. But, the sound of this F1 piercing engine what make the race so interesting.
After completed about half of the total laps, the sky again become darker and start to downpour.
Finally, the race stopped after 32 laps, scheduled for 56 laps due to the heavy rain. And the winner of the race was Jenson Button from Brawn-Mercedes. Congratulation!
Sorry, the photos are not so perfect, I am not good in capturing fast moving objects and using zoom lens.

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  1. Looks like a fun time. Those clouds look like they are mean

  2. Wow, what an interesting event to feature on your blog! I must say that you are having a lot of interesting activities. I love to see and read about them :).

  3. Syaa, you've done a great job. It must be a challenge to learn how to use your camera under such diverse conditions. I love the last one of the solitary car.

  4. oh wow! it's too bad that the weather didn't cooperate with that rain. Racing is really popular must-see. I wish i could attend one, at least:)

  5. Nice coverage of F1 from spectator perspective.
    Pity that the race ended like that, but what can we do with the weather.
    The photo are not bad, consider you are using P&S camera - FinePix S2000HD

  6. You saw F1.Lucky you! It's cool racing car.
    Great photos!

  7. great series of shots...i've been to a couple races in my life...and the sound is indeed deafening....

  8. I grew up in Indiana and the Indianapolis 500 was always a major event. When we couldn't go to see the race we would always listen on radio or watch on TV.

  9. Cool!! F1 Holidays is really awesome. It would be great to watch this summer too.

  10. Nice pictures! I'm sure that you had a great F1 Holidays experience!

  11. It would be great to have F1 Holidays with some of your formula 1 racing fanatic friends.


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