May 19, 2009

Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang - 2

In my previous post, I introduced you the skies at Tanjung Harapan. Besides beautiful skies, this location is also well known for anglers. Pacey, you are right about the fishing here. Many people come here to fish and also many come just to watch people fishing while enjoying the sea breeze.

Photo Cache, now you can see the people and the shore here.
This is the fishing jetty, constructed by locals for anglers to fish farther from shore. The anglers need to pay small amount to use this jetty,

The people are fishing on the jetty,

There are also people who choose to fish on boat, the boat can be rented also. Fishing on the boat usually promised better catch.
After spending some time taking pictures, my family and I decided to have dinner at Bagan Seafood Restaurant nearby.

Some of our dishes:

This is Tom Yam seafood,

Kailan with salted fish,
Fried Mantau, kind of bread,

Crabs in black pepper sauce,

and, butter shrimp,

Yummy? You bet..

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  1. Nice to meet you, Syaa! Those dishes look super YUMMIE!!!!!

  2. Oh! They are so tempting. I can grab a plate. :)

  3. Te place seems very nice for a visit. I would like to have that crab too!

  4. Would love to go fishing here. And the food looks delicious! I love crabs and shrimp. I'm salivating. YUM! :)

  5. Did you catch allthat seafood from the jetty? I would love to go fishing there and, wheather I caught anything or not, have a wonderful meal like that afterwards.

  6. Very nice location to fish! The food looks delicious. It makes me hungry. You were very correct on my Ruby Tuesday post. It is indeed a yo-yo. Have a great day :)

  7. A great place with great food.

  8. What fun! Looks like a beautiful warm day.

  9. I love how the jetty is made. I don't think we would get away with such an organically made walk over water. So many rules here.

  10. I like fishing but I wouldn't like to walk out on that rikketty whalf, however I would fish by boat and catch lots of good fish.
    Those meals look so tempting specially the crabs and the Tom yum.

  11. Yay, you know's been days since I've been craving to eat crabs and here is another variation of cooking it and am tortured. Guess have to have it this time for lunch...Fishing was really the first thing that came into mind when I saw your last post. Great shots.

  12. Tom Yam Seafood and Kairan with salted fish seems good! I'd like to eat that.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Yes, these photos are nice and the food is looking good enough to eat.

  14. I would love to sit there with a stick but no fishing ! I could never kill a fish. On the other hand I like the food you show, it looks so yummy ! lol !

  15. Look at the seafood,I love to go to this place,one day hopefully:)
    Thanks & have a wonderful weekend.

  16. I just switched to Firefox for my browser so I can finally visit you. That is a wonderful feast, I wish I was there.


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