Feb 21, 2009

Travel Tips to Islands in Malaysia

Before you travel to the Island, few things you must remember to consider to bring along:-
  • Sunblock lotion- this is important to avoid sunburn. At the island the sun rays is extreme. The sunblock with SPF45 should be a good choice. If you plan to snorkeling, you need the one with water resistance for few hours. Make sure you use the sunblock on your uncovered back of your body. This is because when you snorkel, your back of your body will be hit by the sun rays directly.
  • Bring your own snorkeling gears if you wish to snorkel. Island hotels may provides snorkeling gears, not for free, you need to pay the rent. The gears also already been used by many people before. I don't know about you, but for me sharing the snorkel with someone that we don't know is "Yucks!"

Things that you CAN do and CAN'T do in Marine Park Islands:-

Permitted Activities.
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Underwater Photography
  • Sailing and Kayaking
  • Fish Feeding
  • Climbing and Jungle Trekking
Prohibited Activities.
  • Fishing or Killing Fish
  • Usage of spear gun or sling fishing.
  • Collecting of sand or rubble.
  • Collect or capture any marine resource whether dead or alive.
  • Stepping on or breaking off the corals.
  • Anchoring on the reefs
  • Polluting and littering
  • Building any structures in water

5 things you must know about corals.
  1. Coral are living things.
  2. Corals are extremely sensitive to their surroundings.
  3. Coral reefs and their vicinity supply over 50% of our seafood.
  4. Coral reefs are source of many life saving discoveries.
  5. The destruction of coral reefs continues.
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