Mar 16, 2009

Today's Flowers Post- Transformation

Do you have any idea the name of this flowers?

Can't tell? What about this one? This is the same flowers.. with an ant on one of them..

After a few weeks...

Still can't tell? Let's see, another few weeks...

Now, I bet everyone knows..

For more beautiful flowers around the world, visit: by Luiz Santilli Jr.


  1. Great transformation shots! I love raindrops on flowers. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm still not sure what plant this is. I assume this is the so called "Belimbing wuluh/sayur" here in Indonesia. Am I right? Best wishes :)

  2. Syaa, I don't know what it is except to say that it's some sort of fruit. It's amazing that something that big comes from such a small bloom.

  3. Hi,
    Perfect shot,beautiful.Thanks for the comment on my B&W and my world.
    All the best to you.

  4. I miss Asian mango! can I have 2 please? You have beautiful shots here!

  5. Simply dreamy and beautiful in deed!

  6. I have no clue what it is hope you let us know

  7. Oh, i'd love to the green mangoes, reminds me I'll buy some later. I just love the taste!

  8. Lilli &amp, the fruits is mangoes. My mom planted this mango tree in front our house last year.


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